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Modeled after the ministry of Aquila and Priscilla in Acts 18:24-26, The Launch Church International Training Center Church's ministries are designed to help Deliver, Disciple, Mentor and Coach those who have answered the prophetic call or any other 5 fold ministry call placed on their life.

We Welcome You

We welcome all nations to The Launch Church International Training Center on Sundays to gather for prayer, worship and ministry. We are passionate about equipping people to live a life of faith by teaching the word of God with power and demonstration. We are commissioned Apostolic leaders who have a heart to see God's people grow and mature in their gifts, be healed, delivered and set free to reign in the marketplace, as well as their personal lives. We have a passion to see people saved, fulfill their destinies, exercise their spiritual giftings, and be productive ambassadors for Jesus Christ throughout the world. We cover 5-fold ministry gifts, train, and commission them as well. 

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At Launch Church International, we understand the power of deliverance in the journey of faith. Our deliverance services are designed to help individuals experience spiritual freedom and breakthrough in their lives.

The Water to Wine Marriage Ministry focuses strongly on Marriage Breaking Spirits and the underlying problems from each spouse's background that could adversely affect the marriage unity, intimacy, and peace in the household.

We welcome couples that are planning to get married to go through preventive steps to safeguard their new marriage by going through deliverance and coaching along with any other counseling they may be going through before their special day.

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Water to Wine Marriage



Ministry and Personal Mentorship

We offer ministry mentorship for those who are currently operating in their ministry. We also offer mentoring and coaching to individuals in need of general life coaching and mentorship for their personal lives. Receive spirit led one-on-one coaching.

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