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Deliverance is a profound spiritual experience where individuals are liberated from various forms of bondage, oppression, and spiritual strongholds. It involves the process of seeking God's intervention to break chains, remove barriers, and restore wholeness in every area of life.

Our Approach

At Launch Church International, we approach deliverance with compassion, prayer, and biblical wisdom. Our trained ministers provide a safe and confidential environment for individuals to seek freedom from issues such as past traumas, addictions, generational curses, spiritual attacks, and spiritual bondage.

How We Can Help

During deliverance services, individuals can expect:

  1. Prayer/ Intercession: During this time, the Holy Spirit leads us in prayer and intercession which allows us to find out what bondages are involved and how the devil is operating in those areas of bondage.

  2. Spiritual Counseling: We then proceed with education and understanding of spiritual soul ties, word curses, generational curses, strongholds, traumas, & etc. 

  3. Biblical Teaching: Through the teaching of God's Word, we explain how the above list can be identified physically, and consciously by Holy Spirit's revelation. This allows the individual(s) or couples to recognize the signs and appearances of issues where deliverance is needed. 

  4. Breaking Up Grounds: Through this process we began to "break up" legal agreements (soul ties, ungodly vows, generational curses, etc.) through repentance, closing open doors, and ascending into the Courts of Heaven, where the enemy stands and accuse believers. 

  5. Address Self-Related Issues: In some cases, often people deal with self-mutilation (self-hate, unforgiveness, rejection, fabricated personalities, etc.). Through the counsel of the Holy Spirit and God's Word, we address these issues by repentance and leading individuals and/or couples through Holy Spirit healing techniques. 

  6. Support and Follow-Up: Our commitment doesn't end with the service. We provide ongoing support and follow-up to ensure individuals continue to walk in freedom and victory.

Experience Freedom Today

If you're seeking liberation from spiritual bondage or seeking breakthrough in any area of your life, we invite you to join us for deliverance services at Launch Church International. Step into a journey of spiritual renewal, empowerment, and transformation.

For more information or to schedule a deliverance session, please book a session below.

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